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What we like to pride ourselves on is our vast resources at Singer.  We have partnerships throughout the industry so that we understand the equipment.  The kitchen is the heart and soul of the restaurant, but it's also the heart and soul we put into every project that matters."

Dennis DeCicco
Project Director
Singer Equipment Company


Singer is more than our suite of services. We’re a united team with a focus on the long term. The proof is in the loyal and lasting relationships we’ve built with suppliers, colleagues, and customers alike. We look forward to building a partnership with you. Whether forging new relationships or maintaining lasting partnerships, Singer approaches every project with keen attention to detail, creativity, workmanship, and flawless execution.



We offer a full turnkey solution, working with you from inception to completion, developing your concept into an efficient, streamlined operation with the right equipment to produce the desired menu. Until your job site is ready for delivery, we’ll receive, store and stage all foodservice equipment, maximizing delivery and installation efficiencies. We’ll also check for any freight damage and ensure your order is complete.

How we work with you
  • Initial consultation we’ll discuss the scope, timeline and budget
  • Collaborate with you with CAD drafting, BIM modeling, and project engineering
  • Conceptualize all design to build services
  • Prepare construction documents and develop specifications


With a focus on efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, we collaborate with you to design and develop an operation that empowers your staff and delights your guests. Using cost analysis and alternative identification, we take a proactive approach to maintaining the design integrity to ensure a distinguishable project in the most cost-effective manner.

In collaboration, we offer
  • Warehousing and procurement management until your job site is ready for delivery
  • Trucking on our personal fleet with white-glove service
  • Project management tailored to meet each client’s individual needs and expectations
  • Equipment installation at the highest standards and the with the safest means possible


Singer continues to work with you after the equipment is installed. We check all equipment in the contract package to be sure it’s in working order. We provide service and warranty manuals for each piece. We also offer training on the new equipment to ensure optimum performance and maximize your investment. Should problems arise down the road, we’re available to assist with manufacturer service calls. We stand behind what we sell and provide the highest level of support.

Once your delivery is made, it’s time for
  • Start-up and calibration to always ensure complete and comprehensive turnover
  • Warranties, service, & follow-up for prompt and efficient attention today and in the future

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Great Performances, Bronx, New York

Photography: Total Food Service

Equipment specified by Singer M. Tucker

Specifying team: Mark Mansfield, Marc Fuchs

New York never sleeps, and it certainly never dies.

When the city shutdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, its citizens were easily disheartened.

But Liz Neumark, President & CEO of Great Performances (GP), didn’t lose faith. When the rest of New York was on its knees, Neumark stood tall, and ran fast. With Christopher Harkness, Director of Food & Beverage for GP by her side, Neumark enlisted Singer M. Tucker’s team of foodservice equipment experts to build out a brand new 51,000 square foot culinary facility in The Bronx.

"As you can imagine this is both scary and incredibly exciting. We are absolutely thrilled by the many possibilities that our new space affords us,” Neumark tells Total Food Service. “When we were assembling our line and picking out our pieces of equipment, we went for the best available so that we can provide the best service to our customer. With this new top of the line and state of the art kitchen we can temperature control our food, maximize our efficiency and flow. All done in an environment that best suits our employees. In our new headquarters we can receive our shipments and transfer them immediately into coolers that allow for the preserved integrity of the food."

To turn this catering concept into a reality, Great Performances assembled their wish list. Marc Fuchs and Mark Mansfield delivered.

"We were able to work with Victory and American Panel who gave us the flexibility to take product right off the expanded cooking line and move it through a blast chiller and then to a walk-in for holding," says Fuchs.

When you’re catering, you need a lot of ice. The ice installation at at this facility was designed to mirror a convenience store’s, with Follet ice equipment.

Equally important to keeping food cold in catering, of course, is getting food hot—and fast. For this, our team enlisted Rational’s combi-oven technology and Jade Range’s thermal oven bases to the line. Blodgett Cook & Hold DFG-100DBL stackable ovens play a crucial part of this cooking line as well.

"This project was a classic example of was one of our team’s greatest strengths; the ability to understand our customer’s mission and to execute it with constant communication throughout the process so that everybody's goals are met," says Fuchs.

Make your mission a reality today with Singer Equipment Company. Email [email protected] to learn more today.

Article adapted from Total Food Service. Read the full story here.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I've always viewed Singer as an extension of my team. Singer is one of the few relationships I have that I know I don’t have to worry about. When you have a vendor like Singer, the project is going to come out a winner when it’s all done."

Andy Simpson
VP of Design and Development
Mastodon Ventures