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  • world centric-cutlery kit-eco-singer Thumbnail

    The Perfect Cutlery Kit

    by Singer Equipment Co.

    Singer Equipment Company is seeing a renaissance of creative takeout production and, as always, we’re here to help. The variety of available takeout container options has exploded, and cutlery is next!

  • turbochef-ventless-judson park-singer thumbnail

    No Need To Vent: TurboChef Ventless Ovens

    by Singer Equipment Co.

    If one word is trending in the world of foodservice equipment, it’s ‘ventless’. With the astronomic rise of ghost kitchens, operators are working inside new and different spaces. Flexibility is key. Ventless equipment has become popular for a number of reasons,” explains Eugene Beniaminson, Lead Equipment Specialist for Singer Equipment Company. “It has allowed operators to perform cooking functions without the use of a traditional ventilation, making it easier and less costly to setup and operate a foodservice establishment in certain areas of the country.

  • horchata-earth-latte thumbnail

    What’s Hot: Our Beverages This Season!

    by Singer Equipment Co.

    Keeping guests comfortable is always a priority, so it’s no surprise to see a surge of interest in hot drinks this time of year—and we’re not just talking about our morning coffee rituals! Beverage programs nationwide have adapted creative spins on classic drinks that taste good with a little heat. These cozy cocktails wouldn’t be possible without the proper packaging, presentation and equipment, all available through Singer Equipment Company.

  • meltshop-gold foil pan-singer thumbnail

    Cozy Comfort: Vintage-Inspired Takeout

    by Singer Equipment Co.

    We love seeing the creative packaging ideas that our customers come up with. One adaptation we’re particularly impressed by is the the retro return of the gold foil pan. Reminiscent of a cozy TV dinner, these containers are easily transportable and oven-safe, making them the perfect adoption in a new takeout or delivery menu. It’s still foil, so it has the strength and durability you need for safely sealed service, but a golden interior sheds a bit of style to match your menu. Give your customers an easy set-up: foil pans are transferrable straight from the oven to the table.

  • elite-greenovations-wingbar-caesar salad thumbnail

    Greenovations: Outdoor Dining’s Best Friend

    by Sarah Bulmer

    The transition to outdoor dining isn’t easy for operators, and neither is the switch to unbreakable dinnerware, especially if you’re used to plating and serving in stoneware or porcelain. Greenovations by Elite Global Solutions is the perfect answer to your dinnerware woes.

  • metro-hot shelves-singer equipment Thumbnail

    InterMetro’s Super Erecta Hot Shelving

    by Sarah Bulmer

    As outdoor dining and curbside pickup begin to stabilize in the foodservice industry, equipment and supply innovators are challenged with delivering products that operators need—and fast.