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Mixers for Professionals.

Designed for production on any scale

Varimixer makes solid gear, designed to last for years. Mixers that can handle hard work, every day, in bakeries, kitchens, food production lines, and more, on any scale. These mixers are built on a tradition of good craftsmanship that's over a century old and driven by experienced craftsmen, not mass production. Combined with Varimixer's commitment to product development and user-driven innovation, this results in a collection of equipment that's not only durable and powerful but ergonomic, hygienic, and easy to clean.


Kodiak Commercial Mixers

Kodiak is a ground-breaking series of mixers that combines ergonomics and intuitive operation with easy cleaning.

These are arguably the most advanced and hygienic 20 quart mixers on the market today, designed by those who use them.

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V-Series Heavy Duty Mixers

V-Series includes 30 to 150 quart mixers featuring rugged design to withstand the most demanding requirements of a commercial kitchen, while maintaining Varimixer's ease of use.

The series boasts infinitely variable speed and a time-saving mechanism to lower, raise, and lock the bowl in place in an automatic movement.

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Ergo Professional Mixers

Ergo brings ergonomics and productivity to an industrial scale. Ground-breaking design gives these titans true ease of use.

The mixer's raised height allows for the bowl to be lowered enough to clear the attachment, allowing bowls to be quickly swapped without having to remove the attachment every time.

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Varimixer Parts and Accessories

Customize your Varimixer equipment with parts and accessories from Singer Equipment Company.

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Varimixer is a proud Middleby company. The company boasts more than 100 years of tradition for handbuilt quality, based on the best materials, processed with precision and professional pride. Originating in Denmark, Varimixer was one of the first European countries to identify the need for mixers in America, and the brand was quickly recognized as a leader in the industry.