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The World's Most Reliable Fryer Company

Pitco delivers world class, innovative cooking solutions featuring advanced technology.

Pitco Gas Fryers

For industrial kitchens, diners, cafeterias, and restaurants that deep fry large-volumes of food in a short-period of time, a commercial gas fryer is the perfect solution.

Gas fryers come in a variety of options. Countertop, floor, and heavy-duty models are available in a number of capacities and with varied overall energy usage. Customize to your operation's needs. Open pot, tube type, and square models can be equipped with dial or touch screen controls and even additional features like self-cleaning capability.

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Pitco Electric Fryers

For food trucks, sports stadiums, event venues, and concession stands, a commercial electric fryer is an essential piece of cooking equipment.

Whether you choose a countertop fryer or a floor fryer, heavy-duty or standard, one pot unit or two, commercial electric fryers are designed to constantly and consistently keep up with the high-demands of everyday, all-day usage. Electric fryers are especially effective because of their quick-recovery time, a must for establishments with high-volume deep frying.

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Pitco Dump Stations

Hold fried foods safely at an ideal temperature with a commercial dump station.

Equipped with overhead strip or bulb warmers, dump stations come in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of your buffet station, fast food chain or convenience store.

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Pitco Food Warmers

Hold your baked, fried or broiled food at a safe temperature with a heat lamp.

Hold your baked, fried or broiled food at a safe temperature with a heat lamp. Ideal for buffets, institutions, meat-carving stations, and more, heat lamps can be placed at pass-through areas and are available in bulb or strip-type models as well as clamp on or counter-mounted units.

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Pitco Pasta Cookers

Pasta cookers are a great solution for foodservice operations with a high-volume pasta demand.

Gas and electric powered pasta cookers rapidly boil water and have the capability to quickly cook a high-volume of food. Use a pasta cooker in other applications around the commercial kitchen to boil eggs, veggies and grains quickly as well as consistently.

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Nearly 80 years ago, Pitco Frialator made its mission very clear: to provide quality commercial frying equipment for the foodservice industry. Pitco has stayed true to that mission, making them a leader in their industry. Their fryers are used throughout fast-food and chain restaurants world-wide. Pitco's fryers are manufactured to provide high-performance for high-volume businesses. Many models are available with oil filtration systems and are designed to cut the cost of hefty oil expenses. Built with quality and efficiency in mind, Pitco's systems are a no-brainer investment for any foodservice industry that requires frying equipment in their commercial kitchen. Pitco is a proud division of the Middleby Corporation, the market leader in cooking solutions!