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Innovative, Efficient & Productive

CookTek induction will change the way your kitchen cooks, warms, and heats.

Induction Cooking

Countertop induction burners use less energy to deliver consistently great results.

These cooktops heat food evenly, quickly, and efficiently.

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Induction Warming & Holding

With unparalleled heating accuracy for maintaining food temperatures, these units are perfect for buffet service.

Units are sleek and designed for convenience.

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Since 1994, CookTek® induction equipment aims to increase efficiency in multiple aspects of the foodservice industry, including cooking, serving, and delivery. So whether your operation needs a solution for back-of-house cooking, holding at a buffet, or hot food delivery, there is equipment to meet your needs. CookTek is part of the Middleby family of foodservice brands.