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The Oven-To-Table Vessels You Need Right Now

by Singer Equipment Company

With outdoor dining extended permanently in New York City and beyond, restaurateurs are looking for creative menu solutions that travel to the patio and palate naturally. With these lovely oven-to-table solutions, you  can keep your hot food hot for as long as possible, while also creating a memorable and showstopping presentation for your guests.

  1. Lodge Mini Cast Iron Server 

    Lodge has been the household name in cast iron for over a century, and for good reason. Made in the heart of Tennessee, these mini servers are just one creative shape, that travel safely from your oven to your table.

    chama mama-lodge-cast iron-tabletop-singer                                                                    Photography credit: @chamamamany

  2. Revol Lions Head Soup Tureens in Matte Black

    The classic lions head bowl traditionally used for French onion soup gets a modern update, from Revol Porcelain. This French factory is the oldest producer of solid black porcelain, operating for over 250 years. Also available in classic white porcelain.

    revol lion bowl closeup-singer-lmt

  3. Revol Caractere Cocottes with Lids

    Revol debuted these lovely line extensions just in time. Transporting oven safe porcelain to the tabletop has never been more stylish. Caractere features a collection of rounds and ovals in multiple sizes, with fitting lids.


  4. Rosenthal Fondue Pot with Wooden Base 

    One groovy development in outdoor dining has been the return of fondue pots. These retro vessels are typically outfitted with Sterno fuel cells to keep food steaming and bubbling all night long, whether you’re serving cheeses, chocolate or coq au vin.

  5. Tuxton Welsh Rarebit 

    The classics are classics for a reason. These sturdy and stackable vintage vessels are completely oven safe, making them the perfect accent piece to serve all your sides.

  6. Paderno Copper Mini Pots

    Copper means cozy. Not only can these vessels be transferred straight from your stove or oven, the copper finish adds a warm aesthetic to your tabletop. Available in multiple shapes and sizes.

    lola taverna-copper mini-paderno-singer                                                                       Photography credit: @lolataverna

  7. Bon Chef Large Format Au Gratin Dish 

  8. These handled oval vessels bring fun tableside for the whole family in a stylish polished stainless steel finish.

  9. American Metalcraft Silicone Trivets

Set it, but don’t forget it. When carrying hot vessels from the oven to the table, you’ll want a heat resistant surface to protect your tabletop and your guests.

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