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Commercial Waffle Makers

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Quality commercial waffle makers are a must for any restaurant, cafeteria, dining hall, food truck, or ice cream shop that wants to make their customers happy with tasty waffles. Whether it’s served traditionally at breakfast or brunch, as a playful waffle cone for ice cream and other frozen desserts, to make classic chicken and waffles, or anything else a creative chef can dream, a waffle is the perfect culinary canvas! Singer Equipment is proud to offer commercial waffle makers from industry leading companies. Choose your waffle adventure, from light to heavy-duty models, single or double iron units, and a variety of waffle styles including Belgian, bubble, and more! 

Waring Waffle Iron

Waring is one of the leading manufacturers of professional appliances for the foodservice industry, including high-performance, large-volume food processors and blenders, heavy-duty heating appliances such as grills, griddles, toasters and deep fryers, and a variety of specialty products – like waffle makers. Singer Equipment carries Waring commercial Belgian waffle makers with both single and double iron options. Waring’s single iron Belgian commercial waffle makers produce up to 25 tasty, evenly cooked waffles an hour, and offer a rotary feature to ensure consistency. Waring’s double iron commercial waffle maker can make up to 50 waffles an hour. Both models include triple non-stick plates for easy clean up.

Wells Waffle Maker

Wells is known for their commercial cooking & warming equipment that can be found nationally and internationally in establishments ranging from family-owned restaurants to giant fast-food chains and hotels. Their commercial Belgian waffle makers feature stainless steel construction, electronic controls, and automatic timers to make fluffy, tasty waffles every time. Their grids are made of cast aluminum for excellent durability, and the upper grid rises as the waffle expands during the baking process. They’re not only sturdy, durable, and versatile, but also easy to clean with a stainless-steel drip tray that is removable, as well as open coil handles that are designed for a minimal amount of heat transfer. 

Star Waffle Maker

Star commercial waffle makers will ensure that every waffle you serve is perfectly cooked, much to the delight of your hungry patrons. They are made in the U.S.A. and built to be reliable and consistent for high volume waffle production. Star waffle makers feature electronic controls and timer, a stainless-steel body, aluminum plates with a cast-in heating element, and heat-resistant, nickel-plated coil design handles. The durable overall design is made to provide superior consistency and uniformity, offering years of maintenance-free service. Singer Equipment is proud to offer Star commercial waffle makers in both single and double iron configurations.

Common Questions about Commercial Waffle Makers

What is the Difference between a Waffle Maker and a Belgian Waffle Maker? 

A Belgian waffle maker will have a deeper grid to produce this type of waffle’s signature, deep pockets. This is why Belgian waffles are especially good at holding more toppings! Generally, a commercial Belgian waffle maker will give you thicker, larger, and fluffier waffles than a regular commercial waffle maker.

Commercial flip waffle makers are made to evenly distribute the batter so the waffle consistently looks and tastes good. The waffle gets flipped right after the batter is poured and the maker is closed to make sure that the batter is well distributed and the waffle cooks evenly on both sides.

How to Clean a Commercial Waffle Maker

The grids on commercial waffle makers, as well as their exterior, should be cleaned on a daily basis after service is completed. After turning the commercial waffle maker off, use a sponge to wipe the housing unit down and rinse it with a damp cloth before wiping the unit dry. Many commercial waffle makers have removable grids, which helps make cleaning quick and easy. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your waffle maker, ensuring that it will continue to produce delicious waffles.

Whether they're topped with fruit and whip cream, butter and syrup, or sandwiched around ice cream, waffles are a delicious American favorite. Choose from a selection of light to heavy-duty models, single or double-grid models, and in a variety of waffle styles. Commercial waffle makers are an ideal choice for diners, breakfast bars and ice cream parlors.