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Commercial milkshake machines are a great addition to any foodservice operation that wants to treat their guests to rich, delicious ice cream desserts or frozen drinks, from ice cream shops and diners to bars and restaurants. Singer Equipment Company offers a wide selection of high-quality, commercial milkshake machines and drink mixers from Taylor and Hamilton Beach. We feature a variety of options, including single and multiple spindle machines, heavy-duty performance, and even industrial capacity, all available in different styles and sizes. We have the commercial milkshake machine to find the needs of any foodservice establishment. Easily mix milkshakes, malts, and more with these versatile milkshake machines. 

Taylor Milkshake Machine 

Ice cream maker, Charles Taylor, reinvented the industry when he introduced the first automatic batch ice cream freezer in 1926. He sped up and simplified the once painfully slow process of making ice cream, and Taylor products continue to make operators’ lives easier today. Singer Equipment Company is pleased to bring that ease to our customers. Taylor is well-known for the quality, durability, and efficiency of their commercial milkshake machines. Taylor products also ensure safety, guaranteeing that dairy products stay within the optimal temperature range. Single- and multiple-flavor options are available, as well as units with syrup delivery systems and integrated soft serve dispensers. Heat treatment systems provide a daily heating and cooling cycle to safely maintain product in between cleanings. Taylor’s commercial milkshake machines are a great way to increase profitability with reliable, powerful blending for high volume output of delicious frozen treats. Charles Taylor would be proud!

Hamilton Beach Milkshake Machine / Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer 

Hamilton Beach's line of commercial drink mixers are designed to be durable and dependable for anything from milkshakes and smoothies to frozen coffee drinks. Singer Equipment Company features a wide selection of models to fit your specific foodservice needs. These drink mixers are the industry standard for soft serve, candy mix-ins, hard ice cream, and more.  All models have easy-to-clean designs and many include convenient, one-hand activation.  To save valuable space, some models have a wall or machine mounting feature.  Durable, consistent performance and perfect results are the hallmarks of Hamilton Beach milkshake machines. They will help you succeed and make your customers happy.

Common Questions about Commercial Milkshake Machines 

What is the Difference between a Milkshake Machine and a Blender? 

Commercial milkshake machines are specialized equipment, designed specifically to make high quality milkshakes. They use a longer shaft, allowing them to take less time to blend up ingredients than a blender.  A blender chops and swirls ingredients together whereas a milkshake machine combines the ingredients, creating a homogenous, consistent, tasty treat. 

Are Milkshake Makers Worth It? 

Commercial milkshake machines can help keep customers delighted while improving your bottom line. They have powerful motors and are designed to accommodate high usage without burnout, allowing you to create ice cream desserts for your customers that are perfectly blended every time.  They are also versatile, allowing you to make frozen drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, malts, and more. If you have a cafe, ice cream shop, diner, or restaurant, a commercial milkshake make is worth it!

Can You Put Ice in a Milkshake Machine? 

Yes, in some models you can. They can make the milkshake thicker and more refreshing. 

Milkshake machines are an added treat for any ice cream parlor, burger joint, or diner. Whether you're looking for a simple, freestanding, countertop milkshake machine, or a heavy-duty, three spindle milkshake mixer, we have a wide-variety of commercial milkshake machine options to fit the needs of your foodservice establishment.