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Commercial Food Processors


Industrial Food Processor 

A quality, durable commercial food processor makes slicing, dicing, chopping, shredding, and mixing easy for any foodservice establishment. We offer the best brands when it comes to commercial food processors, with Robot Coupe, Hobart, Electrolux Professional, Waring, and Berkel among the top choices. You can choose from a variety of options, including stainless steel or polycarbonate bowls, along with the speed, horsepower, and capacity you need for your kitchen. Whether you’re pureeing a fruit or vegetable, whipping up a cream sauce, kneading pizza dough, grating cheese, or dicing tomatoes for salsa, having a professional food processor is a must for any kitchen looking to serve delicious food to their hungry customers.

Robot Coupe Food Processors

Robot-Coupe started designing, developing, and manufacturing culinary equipment in France in 1961, and today they’re a global brand with quality products in kitchens around the world. The commercial food processors from Robot Coupe come in various sizes and speeds. They’re perfect for everyday blending, mixing, slicing, and dicing, with pulse buttons for better cut precision and control. They come with a wide array of accessories, and stainless steel construction and removable parts make them easy to clean. With sizes for smaller as well as larger foods, you can’t go wrong with a durable, sturdy Robot Coupe commercial grade food processor that’s built to withstand heavy duty use.

Hobart Food Food Processors

Our line of Hobart commercial food processors comes with user-friendly controls, sharp knife blades, and the accessories needed to slice, dice, shred, chop, emulsify, and puree consistently and quickly. Hobart’s industrial food processors are equipped with various speed controls and they also have built-in bowl scrapers to save you time. They produce uniform results and the no-slip base keeps the commercial grade food processors from moving while being used. In addition, they have triple-safety interlocks to ensure safe operation. Whether your kitchen needs a continuous feed, bowl-style, food cutter, or industrial size food processor with a large capacity, Hobart commercial food processors provide quality, durability, and performance.

Electrolux Professional Food Processors

Electrolux Professional has provided chefs and kitchens with a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment for over 90 years.  Electrolux Professional’s commercial food processors will cut, mix, and slice evenly, quickly, and consistently every time they’re used. Accessories include bowl/lid scrapers and various blade types, and you can choose from different bowl sizes and varying speeds depending on your kitchen needs. They’re easy to clean, have an ergonomic design, and they’re designed to chop, mix, mince, emulsify, and slice as efficiently as possible. These durable, sturdy industrial grade food processors are an excellent choice for any professional chef and kitchen. 

Waring Commercial Food Processors

With more than 80 years of manufacturing expertise locally and globally, Waring Commercial offers superior professional products such as high-performance, large-volume food processors. They come in different sizes and they are convenient, with easy pour spouts that make adding ingredients simple while processing. In addition, you can choose Waring commercial food processors that include the patented LiquiLock® sealed S-blade lock for easier, safer pouring and the LiquiLock® sealed whipping disc that easily and quickly whips heavy cream, egg whites, and more. Waring’s professional food processors provide the versatility, durability, convenience, and performance necessary to ensure your kitchen consistently produces great food.

Berkel Food Processors

Berkel has produced reliable equipment that chefs and operators have come to depend on for the last 100 years. They produce consistently great results, and their line of industrial grade food processors are no exception. These durable, powerful commercial food processors can slice, dice, grate, julienne, and shred vegetables, dry bread, nuts, fruit, and more with their robust motors and rugged design. They include a wide range of cutting blades that can handle any job a creative chef has in mind. They’re made of heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum and have continuous feed attachments that include an automatic start/stop function. The feed tube and designs allows the operator to load food with both hands for the most efficient processing.

Common Question about Commercial Food Processors 

When should you consider buying a commercial food processor?

If you find yourself constantly cutting fruits and vegetables, grating cheese, or making sauces and creams, it’s probably a good idea to purchase a commercial food processor. It will save you and your staff a lot of time during food prep.

What is the maintenance for a commercial food processor?

It’s a good idea, after it’s used, to wipe down the entire commercial food processor. Make sure that the parts that are removable are dishwasher-safe, and you can wash them in the dishwasher. For the blades and discs, it’s a better idea to hand clean them.

Are commercial food processors safe?

Industrial grade food processors are safe as long as the operator knows and understands the safety instructions that come with the product. It’s important to review all operating instructions and safety procedures before using your commercial food processor.

Additional Related FAQs:

What is a commercial food processor?

It’s an important piece of equipment in the kitchen that provides for quicker, more efficient food service prep by shredding, cutting, slicing, or dicing food.

What does a commercial food processor do?

A commercial food processor streamlines repetitive tasks during food prep. They contain blades that can slice, dice, grate, shred, puree, and chop large amounts of food in a short time.

What should you look for in a food processor?

You should look for durability, speed, accessories available, wattage, and overall performance of any commercial food processor you purchase.

What is a good wattage for a food processor?

Cutting, shredding, or chopping doesn’t require too much power from your commercial food processor. Certain tasks do need more power, though, and your commercial food processor should have at least 700 Watts.  

What is the difference between a blender and a food processor?

A blender can puree and is generally used if you’re making something to drink whereas a food processor can slice, grate, shred, dice, and more – and it’s generally for food that you’re going to use a fork with when eating.  

Combine ingredients to the perfect consistency with a food processor. Choose from bowl cutters used for mixing pureeing or emulsifying, continuous-feed for non-stop dicing, slicing and shredding, or a combo unit that incorporates the features of both a continuous feed and a bowl cutter.