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Blodgett Ovens


Blodgett Ovens

Blodgett has been an innovative leader producing high quality commercial kitchen ovens since 1848. Today, Blodgett ovens are well-known throughout the world as restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels, hospitals, institutions, small businesses, and large corporations alike rely on the Blodgett name. Blodgett ovens are made with exceptional materials and expert craftsmanship. That’s why Blodgett convection ovens are the industry standard for quality and reliability. If your oven has the Blodgett name on it, you can expect decades of rigorous use in any commercial kitchen. 

Blodgett Pizza Oven 

The Blodgett pizza oven line of electric and gas units include compact and countertop pizza ovens along with single, double, and triple deck units that set industry wide standards for excellence in reliability, performance, and baking characteristics. The simplicity of design and quality construction throughout will bring years of perfectly cooked pizzas that will delight the taste buds of pizza lovers anywhere.

Blodgett Single Pizza Oven 

ovide excellent cooking capacity and efficiency to your pizza-making process, with the ability to cook multiple pizzas of various sizes all at once. The pies are cooked on QHT (Quick Heat Technology) Rokite stone decks for evenly cooked, delicious, crispy crusts.  Counterbalanced doors and spring assists provide easy access to move the pizzas around. The signature Blodgett angle iron frame ensures durability for every Blodgett single pizza oven.

Blodgett Double Pizza Oven 

Blodgett double pizza ovens come in both gas and electric and both have the Blodgett signature cooking surface to ensure evenly cooked, delicious pizzas that have perfectly crisp crusts. Whether you need a heavy-duty, high volume double pizza oven or an electric countertop version, Blodgett provides a reliable, durable, performance-driven oven that will optimize your pizza making expertise, much to the delight of your customers. You already use some of the best ingredients, make sure you’re cooking up your pizzas in the best equipment as well with Blodgett double pizza ovens.

Blodgett Triple Pizza Oven 

Three decks of mouth-watering pizzas can be cooked at the same time with quality Blodgett triple pizza ovens. These convenient Blodgett convection ovens include Ultra Rokite stone decks, ensuring delicious, evenly cooked pizzas with crispy crusts. Counterbalanced doors and spring assist make it easy for the operator to quickly, safely, and easily transfer pizzas and other food to and from the pizza oven. Industry-wide standards for excellence, performance, durability, and reliability have been set with Blodgett ovens. Quality construction and simple design will provide years of hassle-free operation with every Blodgett triple pizza oven.

Blodgett Base Pizza Oven 

The Blodgett base pizza ovens are a great option for kitchens in need of space and perfectly cooked, delicious pizzas for their customers. These popular pizza ovens are easy to clean, with stainless steel on the front, top, and sides. They are durable and made to last with compartment linings and a full angle iron frame.  Blodgett convection ovens are well-known throughout the industry for their trouble free operation, and the Blodgett base pizza oven line is further proof that performance, quality, and durability come with every oven. 

Blodgett Combi Oven 

Blodgett Combi ovens allow operators to change the entire way their kitchen functions.  You will receive a quality oven that will increase the bottom line and help you reach all your goals with any Blodgett Combi oven you select. The units come in various sizes, including Universal, that combine form and function for a kitchen with a high meal capacity. The Mini combi is great for smaller kitchens with limited space. Heavy-duty Blodgett Combi ovens are perfect for an institutional setting, easily able to handle frequent, heavy usage.

Blodgett Zephaire Oven 

Blodgett Zephaire ovens are well known throughout the restaurant industry, with gas convection ovens and electric ovens both part of this line. Whatever Blodgett Zephaire oven you choose, they come with many dynamic features and great durability. The stainless steel build of this model makes it easy to clean. In addition, the solid mineral fiber insulation will ensure evenly cooked, delicious food every time it’s used. These efficient ovens come in full size, bakery depth as well as standard depth. You can also choose a Blodgett Zephaire oven with glass doors and interior lights for great product presentation while cooking. Efficiency, functionality, and durability all come with every Blodgett Zephaire oven.  

Common questions about Blodgett Convection Oven 

How long do Blodgett Ovens last?

Blodgett believes in providing their customers with real and lasting value. The quality craftsmanship and exceptional materials used to build every Blodgett convection oven provide many years of reliability and durability. Do not be shocked if your Blodgett convection oven lasts more than three decades.

Are Blodgett Ovens a good choice for high volume kitchens?

Blodgett premium convection ovens are built to last and they have the lowest cost of ownership of any commercial convection oven due to high energy efficiency and excellent service/repair records.

Are Blodgett Ovens just for restaurants?

In addition to restaurants, Blodgett convection ovens are used in fast-food chains, hotels, hospitals, institutions, small businesses and large corporations.

Additional Related FAQs:

Are Blodgett Ovens good?

They are well-known throughout the foodservice industry as some of the most reliable, durable, high-performance ovens available. Blodgett ovens are built with quality and engineered to withstand years of operation. 

Who makes Blodgett Ovens?

Blodgett Ovens are a proud member of the Middleby family of brands. They are manufactured in a state of the art facility located in Essex Junction, Vermont, just a short drive from where the company founder and namesake started a cooking revolution over 150 years ago.

How do you use a Blodgett Convection Oven?

Blodgett ovens come in both gas and electric models, along with sizes that vary - from units perfect for a smaller kitchen - to big institutions like schools. They are used to cook, roast, and/or bake multiple kinds of food, from cookies, cakes, and pies to pizza, chicken, turkey, beef, casseroles, and so much more.

How do you clean a Blodgett Convection Oven?

Blodgett convection ovens are easy to clean, with stainless steel making it a simple process. Just use a cloth with stainless steel cleaner, wipe down the exterior and dry it off when complete. For the interior, you can remove racks and immerse them in cleaner while you apply a commercial cleaner to the inside. It’s also important to check the air intake behind the oven when cleaning to make sure there aren’t obstructions that will affect the air flow into the unit.  

How do you choose a Blodgett Convection Oven?

You choose a Blodgett convection oven that will fit your specific needs. The factors you must take into account include your cooking capacity, size of your kitchen, primary kinds of meals you’re going to serve, and the amount of money you have budgeted.


Built with the strongest materials and designed with ergonomic craftsmanship, Blodgett Oven Company manufactures commercial cooking equipment to withstand the high-demands of foodservice environments. Blodgett's convection ovens stand as their most recognized and awarded product, which outperforms all others; due to the strength of its angled-iron frame, its innovative porcelain-liner, which prevents rust, and its superior insulation to keep the desired temperatures, Blodgett convection ovens are a hassle-free choice for your business. Blodgett doesn't stop there. They also offer a number of cooking equipment options to fit the needs of not only restaurants big and small, but also bakeries, healthcare facilities, colleges, universities and hotels with their combi-ovens, HyrdoVection ovens, heavy-duty ranges and steamer equipment. Blodgett is a proud division of the Middleby Corporation, the market leader in cooking solutions!