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Metro Food Warmers & Heated Shelving

Super Erecta - shelving that keeps food hot, appetizing & ready-to-go

Metro2Go Hot Shelving
  • Self Contained
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Consistent Radiant Heat
  • Clear Visibility
Metro Hot Shelving with Enclosure Kit
  • Maximize Holding Time
  • Increase Safety
  • Customizable
  • 304 Stainless Steel
Metro2Go Hot Shelving with 8 Sections
  • Contactless Pickup/li>
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Maximizes Holding Time
  • Self-Contained

Metro Food Warmers and Shelving Solutions

Keeping hot plates of delicious food at their peak temperature is always the goal for businesses who might not immediately be able to deliver food from the oven to the table. With elite technology like Metro’s food warmers and shelves, however, the race from prep to table, just got a whole lot easier.

Keeping reading to learn more about Metro food warmers and shelving solutions and how you can keep both your food and profits hot!

What is a Metro Food Warming Shelf?

A food warming shelf is a must-have piece of equipment for culinary businesses like restaurants, caterers, or even concession stands. The temperature-controlled, adjustable thermostat capabilities of each food warming shelf are designed to hold a variety of food options, including take-out containers, dinner entrees, quick-service packaging, and more!

Having the capability to prep meals and store them on a food warming shelf will ensure food stays fresher for longer. Not only does this give the restaurant or establishment the ability to keep making more food without diminishing its taste or overall quality, but it also reduces labor and food shortage costs – a common issue in the food service industry today. By preserving quality and taste longer, you’re delighting your guests and creating less waste.

How do Metro Food Warmers keep Food Warm?

Much like a hot plate for a smooth top stove, food warming shelves offer a source of indirect heat from electricity that sits directly below and/or surrounds a covered plate of food.

At Singer, our extensive selection of heated Metro shelving units and workstations are constructed with high-quality stainless steel that allows for a consistent flow of heat, meaning all parts of food are kept warm (not just the edges).

For example, our Metro2Go Hot Stations are expertly constructed with Super Erecta Hot Shelving to remain reliable and easy-to-clean. The 304-type stainless steel construction combined with an aluminum inner core delivers consistent heating across each shelf for a maximum surface temperature of 200°F.

How tall are Metro Shelves?

At Singer, we understand the many unique challenges our owners and operators face, from limited kitchen space to unique service areas, which is why we supply our Metro heated shelving units in a variety of sizes.  With dimensions ranging from 24” to 60” and many unique configurations in between, there’s a solution to optimize your business’ space.  

Across both the healthcare and education spaces in the hospitality ecosystem we recommend our smaller, more compact heated shelf enclosure kits and Grab-N-Go food warming stations. Each of these units perfectly delivers the same high-quality temperature control without the required extra height!

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At Singer, we’ve made it our mission to serve a variety of markets and deliver top-quality, food-safe equipment that you can rely on. Since 1918, we’ve been the equipment company businesses all over the world can depend on, with trusted products that last.

For questions about our Metro food warmers and shelving equipment or to find the right equipment for your business, please contact us today!

Super Flexible.
The possibilities are endless.

Super Erecta® HOT is a super flexible and efficient way to keep food hot while preparing, serving, staging or holding hot food items. This convenient solution allows you to add heat to any Super Erecta storage unit or workspace. Each shelf is self-contained with an adjustable thermostat to control temperatures up to 200˚F (93˚C)..​​

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