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What's Inside Our FREE Catalog?
  • Thousands of in-stock, ready to ship items carefully selected by Singer for their reliability and value
  • Suggested supply quantity requirements based on your type of service & seating capacity
  • Maintenance and care guides for all supplies and equipment in your kitchen
  • Important checklists of considerations to make when ordering kitchen equipment and supplies
  • An extensive "opening order" checklist for brand new food service operations
  • Important information on freight, installation, product warranties and more

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"You all have proven this time and time again in that when the chips are down you all can deliver amazing results. Much thanks again for the awesome job last week in getting me my replacement freezer. You never disappoint! I am so grateful to have a supplier that I can COUNT ON when the going gets tough. Despite the size of Singer and the number of accounts that you have, I, the customer, always feel like a priority."
Christian Rife
General Manager, "Wing It"
Villas, New Jersey