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We Design & Build Commercial Kitchens and Foodservice Operations Nationwide

Singer's Design-Build teams complete projects all over the country each year, taking jobs from concept to completion. We offer you a best-in-class bundle of services with five areas of commercial Design-Build expertise: Interior Design, Foodservice Design, Equipment Procurement, Project Management & Installation Services and Startup, Training & Support. By working with one company instead of as many as five sub-specialists on your project, you get ease of use, but most importantly you get coordination between Singer's various sub-specialties, so that they learn from one another. Our partners choose us because we look at the whole solution, and not just one or two sub-specialties.

Markets We Serve

  • High end restaurants, pizza shops, sandwich shops, bakeries, mom & pop restaurants
    Independent Restaurants

    Independent restaurants need cost-effective and efficient kitchen design.  Singer understands how to bring reliable and practical design solutions to our restaurant customers.  Whether we are designing a high-end show-kitchen, or a pizza or sandwich shop, Singer’s designers will give you the most productive kitchen layout to help you grow your business and set yourself apart from the competition.


  • Chain restaurants, franchises, fast-food
    Multi-Unit Chains

    Singer’s size and experience allows us to complete projects all across the country for our chain customers.  Our design team rapidly fits prototype kitchens to available spaces, and our specialized procurement and logistics team keeps project lead times short.  Our post sale service team makes sure equipment issues are addressed quickly and resolutions are communicated clearly.


  • Corporate dining, break rooms, coffee bars, self-serve stations, cafe, cafeteria
    Corporate Dining

    Corporate dining services are a critical amenity for leading companies to attract talent.  Singer designs and furnishes creative and exciting dining solutions for a wide variety of needs including multi-concept serveries, self-serve kiosks, coffee bars, private dining rooms, break rooms and self-service markets. 


  • High-school foodservice supplies, elementary school, college, university dining hall, cafeteria
    Schools & Universities

    Serving a variety of nutritious food options while meeting strict budgetary limitations is no easy task. Singer understands your challenges and works with you to provide the best, most cost-effective foodservice solutions.

  • Hotel services, casinos, banquet halls, event space

    Foodservice is becoming a central part of the hotel and casino experience.  Singer understands the equipment needs to execute large banquets and quality room service.  We can help with specialty restaurants, buffets and smaller foodservice and coffee outlets.


  • Healthcare supplies, hospital, assisted living, tray delivery, meal delivery
    HealthCare Facilities

    Singer understands the unique design requirements for tray-make-up systems, meal delivery systems, and room-service dining.  Specialized diets and stringent food safety demands all create unique equipment and design needs.  Singer has broad experience in serving hospital and assisted living facilities.

  • Catering services

    Singer understands the equipment needs for caterers, from high production cooking equipment to sturdy and effective mobile transport and serving equipment.  Singer works with caterers large and small, upscale and economical to execute their vision.

  • Golf course, bar, club house, event services
    Country Clubs

    Club foodservice is in a time of change.  Members expect restaurant quality foodservice, and more casual bar and dining venues, as well as top quality banqueting and event foodservice.  Singer designers will work with your team to help you adapt and renovate to meet your member’s needs.

  • Stadium foodservice supplies, amusement park, theme parks fast-food
    Entertainment Facilities

    Stadiums and amusement parks have the need to deliver foodservice over large areas with multiple venues in a compressed time frame.  The need for increased throughput and improved customer experience are driving new foodservice technology into large-venue dining.  Let Singer show you how to meet your customer’s demands.

Design-Build Bundle of Services


Interior Design

You have a vision of what you want your new space to look like. We’ll help you bring that vision to life. The finishes, tones, furniture, lighting and decor all contribute to the mood and ambiance. And the flow needs to be right, too. In the initial consultation, we’ll discuss the scope, timeline and budget for the job. We’ll review any specific concerns or tricky areas. Then we’ll collaborate with you over design boards and 3D renderings. We’ll prepare construction documents and develop specifications, then procure and install all items. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new space is all you want it to be.

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    Foodservice Design

    Foodservice Design

    Singer’s 18 market-specific teams provide foodservice designs for independent restaurants, multi-unit chains, hotels, healthcare facilities, schools, caterers and entertainment facilities throughout the country. We offer a full turnkey solution, working with you from inception to completion, developing your concept into an efficient, streamlined operation with the right equipment to produce the desired menu. We provide a complete set of technical drawings including the layout, schedule, plumbing/electrical rough-ins and elevation drawings of the kitchen and bar.

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    Procurement Expertise

    Through our size and our well-established relationships with foodservice manufacturers, Singer offers very competitive pricing on the equipment package. We review the entire equipment list, looking for opportunities to reduce cost, improve quality and eliminate problems. When necessary, we apply maximum leverage to meet tight deadlines. Until your job site is ready for delivery, we’ll receive, store and stage all foodservice equipment, maximizing delivery and installation efficiencies. We’ll also check for any freight damage and ensure your order is complete.

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    Project Management & Installation

    Project Management & Installation

    Our project managers stay with your project every step of the way, working with your GC and other trades. We schedule site meetings throughout the construction process to verify field and site conditions. When the site is ready, we’ll deliver the equipment in accordance with your schedule. Our professional team will uncrate, assemble and set-in-place all pieces of foodservice equipment. We’ll mount faucets, add casters and perform any other assembly duties that may be needed. Then we’ll remove all crating/packing materials and perform a general clean-up.

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    Startup Training & Support

    Startup, Training & Support

    Singer continues to work with you after the equipment is installed. We check all equipment in the contract package to be sure it’s in working order. We provide service and warranty manuals for each piece. We also offer training on the new equipment to ensure optimum performance and maximize your investment. Should problems arise down the road, we’re available to assist with manufacturer service calls. We stand behind what we sell and provide the highest level of support to our customers.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    "Our culinary team and patrons marvel at the design and layout. This 256 seat restaurant is handled most efficiently by the flow of the hot line, steam tables, dish machine area and server stations. Our two large bars have performed wonderfully on the busiest of evenings. As a 10,000 square foot facility, the complete renovation project took over a year and a half. Not only did you put in a significant amount of time on design, and gracefully tolerated and accommodated my teams numerous changes, but you were very 'hands on' with the installation of truckloads of equipment. As noted, all of us at Water Wheel Tavern very much appreciate your efforts. Thank you!"

    William F. Haas
    Proprietor, Water Wheel Tavern
    Doylestown, Pennsylvania